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Requests for Proposals

Route Alert:  MTA Title VI Plan

2020 MTA Title VI, LEP and PPP

Route Alert:  MCHS Field Trip June 26, 2021

June 26, 2021 the Modoc County Historical Society hosted a field trip to Historical Sites in Modoc County and transportation was provided by Sage Stage.

Route Alert:  Sage Stage Services

Don't want to drive? Let us do the driving for you. Give us a call at (530)-233-6410 to make a reservation. We travel to Reno, NV. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Travel to Redding CA. on Tuesdays and travel to Klamath Falls, OR. on Thursdays. No face coverings required. SAGE STAGE 04-28-22   For local bus service call (530)-233-3883.  

Route Alert:  MTA Disadvantaged Business Enterprise List

MTA is interested in building and maintaining a list of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) for Janitorial, Building Maintenance, and Short Range Transit Plan development. Please email the link below to add your company information.  

Route Alert:  RFP 2019 Final

2019 RFP Final

2021 Triennial RFP – Q&A 5-12-21

MCTC Triennial Performance Audit – Modoc Region Questions & Answers for Request for Proposals (RFP)

2021 Triennial RFP – Modoc Rev.1

MCTC Triennial Performance Audit – Modoc Region Three Years Ending june 30, 2021


Transit RFP legal notice 122018 122718

Direct Circulation to Potential Bidders

Attachment A Required Clauses

FTA Clauses Contract matrix

2019 First Transit / MTA RFP Final

First Transit / MTA 2019-2024

Addendum 1 RFP  First Transit / MTA

Final First Transit / MTA Draft contract

First Transit MTA Mobilization Schedule



Modoc Transportation Agency solicits RFPs for projects and services as needed.  Interested parties are encouraged to request to be placed on a notice list relative to their technical specialty.

Request to be added to our bidders’ list (All information required).

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